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Academy Staff


Captain Sarah Rhodes is the Academy Director. She is a P.O.S.T. certified officer and a Level 1 P.O.S.T. Basic Instructor. She is a graduate of the FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Program and the National Command and Staff College's Command Staff and Leadership Program.  
   Sergeant Clint Robins is the executive officer. He is a P.O.S.T certified officer and a Level 1 P.O.S.T. Master Instructor.  He oversees daily academy operations and is resposible for training and leading the BSO Mobile Field Force.  He specializes in Patrol Activities, EVOC driving training and Officer Survival.
Sergeant Jeremy Haas is a Recruit Cell Instructor as well as an In-Service Instructor. He is a P.O.S.T certified officer. As a Recruit Cell Instructor, Sgt. Haas specializes in the areas of First Aid, Report Writing, Use of Force, and Defensive Tactics. He is also a P.O.S.T. Master Instructor and instructs Levels 1,2 and 3 Law Enforcement Courses.  He is also a P.O.S.T. Master Firearms Instructor.  He is a Corrections Emergency Response Team Instructor.  As an In-Service Instructor, he is responsible for developing and teaching, locally required and P.O.S.T. required, curriculum.
   Deputy Mabria Grosjean is the Academy’s Administrative Assistant. She is also a Bossier Sheriff’s Office veteran and has been the administrative backbone of the Academy since 2005. Her responsibilities are numerous and range from scheduling and coordinating regional classes, identifying and scheduling guest instructors and speakers for various classes and functions, to preparing and maintaining documentation for P.O.S.T. Recruit classes, meeting and greeting. Dep. Grosjean provides a friendly, yet professional experience to all those attending the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Training Academy.